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A Deficit of Decency



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Table of Contents
Foreword by Sean Hannity

Preface: “Was Blind But Now I See”

The Deficit of Decency
Chapter 1: The Death of Duty
Chapter 2: Washington Doesn’t Care
Chapter 3: Is It Decent?

The High Calling of Decency: Supporting President Bush
Chapter 4: A Discerning Democrat Decides
Chapter 5: The Keynote Speech
Chapter 6: Hardball Huff
Chapter 7: Being Called a Liar
Chapter 8: Stumping for the President
Chapter 9: Can You Hear Me Now?
Chapter 10: A Faith in Freedom Reaffirmed

An Extreme Makeover for Washington
Chapter 11: Elected to Serve, Not Swerve
Chapter 12: Witch Hunting in the U.S. Senate
Chapter 13: A Tax Code from Hell
Chapter 14: Wimps and Warriors
Chapter 15: The UN (The Useless Nuisance)
Chapter 16: Seal Our Borders
Chapter 17: Let Teachers Teach

Nationwide Woes
Chapter 18: I Have a Fear
Chapter 19: Voting the Bible
Chapter 20: Freedom from Speech
Chapter 21: Iwo Jima (as Reported by Today’s Media)
Chapter 22: Indecent Role Models
Chapter 23: Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?
Chapter 24: Victims-R-Us
Chapter 25: Taking Christ Out of Christmas
Chapter 26: Liberty Is Not License

The Sunset
Chapter 27: Gus, Woodrow, and “Dark Thirty”

Appendix: RNC Keynote Address: First Draft (August 9, 2004)